When Is the Best Time to Get a Full Auto Detail?

Auto detailing is important for a number of reasons. It improves the outward appearance of your vehicle, it protects your investment, and it benefits your overall health, which you can read more about here.

But after understanding the why of car detailing, you probably want to know when and how often you should have your car detailed.

Which Seasons Are Best for Getting a Full Auto Detail in Texas?

There are advantages to getting a car detail in whichever season works best for you. Most auto detailing experts recommend Fall and Summer, but Winter and Spring are also important months because of the damage these seasons can wreak on a vehicle.

Not to mention, there is a lot to be said about the ideal temperature for a car detail. For Fort Worth Auto Detail, our best time to detail cars is the Spring and Fall. That’s because a lot of the washing, chemicals, paint correction, and more is dependent upon the weather. Ideally, you want 68 degrees with 40 to 45% humiditiy. This gives you the best performance and results. These conditions almost never happen in North Texas, but if you are going to come close, it will be in the Spring or Fall.

Benefits of a Car Detail

In Fall

Fall is a great time for a full car auto detail. You are able to get some added protection to your vehicle before winter hits, which often comes with snow, ice (especially in Texas), and salt and dirt when the roads are treated against such elements.

Full auto details aren’t like running your car through the car wash. In an auto detail, your car is cleaned and protected. Detailers use high-quality paint sealant to protect the finish of your vehicle, which often lasts anywhere from 4 to 6 months. This sealant can protect your car’s paint from winter weather.

In addition to the exterior protection an auto detail offers, it also offers some protection to the interior of your car. You may be wondering why that’s even necessary. It’s not like it will be snowing in your car, right?

If you have a leather interior, your car will be susceptible to some cold winter weather damage. Due to that cold weather and lack of humidity, your leather seats can crack. To prevent this from happening, auto detailers will condition your car’s leather seats so they have the necessary moisture absorption needed to resist the cold, dry weather.

Finally, an auto detail will help protect your tires. During winter weather, tires come into close contact with the salt and other chemicals used to treat icy roads. Detailers will add a protectant on your tires to help protect them, as well.

In Winter

While the ideal time to get your car detailed is before the snow and sleet arrive, if you waited to get your car detailed until Winter, it’s still not too late! And keep in mind that for us Texans our true winter (with the ice and sleet) usually comes later anyway so you still have time!

You can take the preventative steps listed above when you get a full auto detail (an interior and exterior cleaning of your car).

Not only that, but when Winter weather does come, salt, dirt, and snow can build up on your vehicle, which can corrode your paint. Making sure your car stays clean is important in these Winter months to protect the appearance, functionality, and value of your car. That’s where our weekly and monthly auto detailing plans can be helpful to you!

There are also some other great ways to care for your car in the wintertime, which you can read more about here.

In Spring

We can all appreciate the beauty of Spring, but for car detailers, we also see the potential damage that can be caused to our vehicles in this season.

Pollen, tree sap, bird droppings, and more all appear in the springtime. And when these particles or materials fall on your car and stay there for a while, it will start to eat away at your paint. It’s because each of these elements is acidic. It can get to the point that even with paint correction, you will still be able to see the areas where these things set on your car. The only way you’ll be able to get rid of it will be body work and repainting.

By making sure you get a full auto detail during Spring, you can add another layer of protection between your car and the elements to safeguard your vehicle.

We’d also recommend following this list of tips to protect your vehicle from hail damage in Texas:

  • Be weather aware so you know when a hail storm is coming
  • Understand where you live and if hail usually occurs in your area
  • Park your vehicle in your garage or consider building or renting a carport for added protection
  • Purchase a car cover to put over your vehicle or use blankets and quilts to help protect it
  • When driving, find cover immediately to protect your car from hail

In Summer

Summer is a popular time for car detailing. The weather is actually not the most ideal in Texas for auto detailing, but with summer vacations and family trips, a fully detailed car makes for a more enjoyable travel experience.

Traveling long distances in an already-dirty vehicle can be unnecessary added stress for you. Let us get you ready for your summer trip with a car detail.

How Often Should I Get a Full Auto Detail?

We covered every season in this article and you may be thinking if getting a full auto detail every season is worth the cost.

This is mostly up to you and how you use your vehicle.

Most experts recommend getting a full car detail every 4-6 months. This equates to a detail 1 to 3 times a year. With our bronze auto detailing package, the protection we put on your vehicle can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months depending on how you maintain your vehicle on your own.

For individuals who travel frequently, have kids or pets, or who really value the look and appearance of their car in the day-to-day, one of our ongoing vehicle maintenance plans may be just what you need.

A little bit more about us: Fort Worth Auto Detail is a local auto detailer in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, willing to come to you to detail your vehicle whether you are at work, at home, or getting ready to go on a holiday trip with the family.

If you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and would like to get started with one of our ongoing plans, here’s what you would do. You would start by choosing one of our full auto detail packages so we can get your vehicle where it needs to be. Then, you can choose an ongoing plan for us to help you maintain your vehicle throughout the year. Our ongoing full auto detail plans in Dallas-Fort Worth are as follows:

  • Every Two Weeks – $75/per detail
  • Every Month – $100/per detail
  • Every Two Months – $125/per detail

We’d love to help you maintain and preserve the quality of your vehicle so it will last you and your family longer and can be something you’re proud to drive each day.

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