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Full auto detailing

At Fort Worth Auto Detail, we offer many different customizable packages to meet your particular needs. Our most popular full auto detailing is listed below. However, you can upgrade your exterior or interior protection or add services such as odor removal, engine cleaning, and more to get the perfect full auto detailing Fort Worth TX for you. Check also our other services such as auto detailing and vehicle maintenance plans. Please note this service does not remove scratches and swirls. If you wish to eliminate scratches and swirls on your vehicle, then head on over to our paint correction and ceramic coating page.

Not sure which is right for you? Book a free in-person consult. We can take paint depth measurements to make sure your vehicle is a candidate for paint correction and coating. We can also recommend what service may fit your particular needs best. Contact us today for more information.

Full Auto Detailing

Most popular full auto detailing

Estimated completion time: 4 hours*
Starting at $398*

What’s included:

  • Tires and rims cleaned
  • Vehicle treated with foam wash
  • Hand wash
  • Paint and rims chemically decontaminated
  • Hand and air dried
  • Paint mechanically decontaminated
  • IPA mix applied to paint
  • 1 coat of ceramic spray wax applied to paint, windows, and rims providing 6 to 12 months of protection
  • Tires and trim dressed
  • Interior of car vacuumed
  • Steam clean all interior surfaces
  • Shampoo all upholstery
  • Extract all upholstery (if necessary)
  • Clean and condition all leather surfaces (if applicable)
  • Interior trim protected
  • All windows cleaned

What’s Included With The Full Detailing Process?

Full Auto Detailing

Delicate Professional Handwash 

Wheels and Tires: We start with the wheels and tires of the vehicle as those are often the dirtiest parts of the vehicle.  We use a non-acidic wheel cleaner to ensure nothing is damaged on your wheels no matter what kind of finish you have. Acidic wheel cleaners, while effective, can lead to irreversible damage if not handled properly. 

Rinse: We then do a thorough rinse of your vehicle to knock off any loose dirt and contaminants before we ever make contact with your vehicle. This helps ensure that we are not inflicted any scratches and swirls into the vehicle during the wash process. 

Foam Bath: We then blanket the vehicle with a thick layer of snow foam. The heavy foam helps safely encapsulate any contaminants that may be left on the vehicle. We then use the highest quality of synthetic wash mitts made up of three different types of fibers and a GSM of 1250 to thoroughly hand wash your vehicle.

Full Auto Detailing

Chemical and mechanical decontamination

Chemical decontamination: Every single vehicle on the road has some form of iron particles in the clear coat. This is especially true if you work on the Lockheed Martin plant in Fort Worth or live by the train depot by Texas Christian University. This causes your paint to have a rough feel and does not allow any protection whether be a wax or a ceramic coating to bond properly to your vehicle. In order to remedy this problem, we use specialized chemicals to remove the embedded contaminants. The primary ingredient of these chemicals is thioglycolic acid (TGA). When it is applied to your vehicle it is PH neutral and once it reacts with the iron particles it turns slightly acidic and purple in color. Because of this it is essential that you have a detailer who is familiar with this process. Our experience plus our climate controlled facility allows us to maximize the results of this process but in an extremely safe environment that most other detailers can not replicate.

Mechanical decontamination: Any contaminants not removed by the chemical decontamination process will be removed by the mechanical decontamination process. We use a synthetic material called a perforated synthetic decontamination towel to safely remove any embedded leftover impurities in your vehicle. Other detailers may use an older form of this technology called a clay bar. However a clay bar has the chance to mar your paint actually causing more harm, while a synthetic decontamination towel does not. We at Fort Worth Auto Detail use the latest techniques and technologies to ensure the best possible finish for your vehicle.

Full Auto Detailing

Professional Grade Ceramic Spray Coating

Protection: Once your vehicle has been fully decontaminated, it is time to add some protection and shine! We here at Fort Worth Auto Detail are certified with multiple different professional grade protection companies. If you want the ultimate protection check out our ceramic coatings. Our full detail comes with one of the absolute best ceramic spray coatings on the market today. It is going to add gloss and leave your vehicle with a slick finish and feel. 

Tires: We will also dress your tires with a tire and rubber nano sealant. This leaves your tires with a dark stunning appearance. Instead of lasting days like most tire dressings, this nano sealant will have your tires protected for weeks and even months. 
Full Auto Detailing

Interior Rejuvenation 

Steam Cleaning: All the cracks and crevices of a vehicle can be very difficult to clean. Here at Fort Worth Auto Detail we have an industrial grade steamer to tackle any interior. With steam at 270 degrees at 90 PSI we can blast away any dirt and grime. We have the expertise to this tool safely and effectively in your vehicle. 

Shampoo: Shampoo is essential for removing debris stuck in a vehicle’s fabric as well as stains.  The fabric on vehicles tend to grab and hold to all sorts of hair and debris. Shampoo dislodges the debris so that it can then be vacuumed. We use two different kinds of carpet shampoo to remove both protein stains (milk, food, organic matter, etc.) and tannin stains (coffee, wine, tea, etc.)

Extraction: Extraction is crucial for removing stains from a vehicle. Even if you do not have visible stains an extractor can pull dirt from a vehicle to give you piece of mind that vehicle is as clean as possible. We use an industrial grade extractor with heated water and 130 inches of water lift. What does this mean for you? It means the best possible removal of stains and dirt from your vehicle. Also, because of the extreme water lift of the extractor it means hardly any water left behind in the fabric. Most of our clients vehicles are dry in a matter of minutes. 

Full Auto Detailing

Interior Protection


Leather and Plastic Conditioning: Once all the surfaces in your vehicle are clean we use top quality products to condition them protecting them from UV damage and making them easier to clean in the future. We do not use cheap products that leave a greasy unsightly finish, but rather a soft and supple feel. If you really want the best protection for your leather, be sure to add on the premium leather coating.