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Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Detailing

What is auto detailing?

Car detailing is the process in which a professional works to restore a vehicle to its best possible condition. Car detailing is not simply a car wash; it requires special products and skills in order to properly enhance each type of material according to its own needs. At Fort Worth Auto Detail, we have both the tools and knowledge to get your vehicle looking the best it ever has with our premium auto detailing services.

How do I pay for auto detailing?

We will email you an invoice at the beginning of the detail. Payment can then be made by any debit or credit card and is due upon completion of service.

Are you a mobile auto detailer in Dallas-Fort Worth?

Yes, we are mobile. At Fort Worth Auto Detail, we come to you and work around your schedule.

Are you by appointment only?

Yes, we are by appointment only. Typically, it takes a minimum of 24-hours notice in order to schedule an appointment. We always make the utmost effort to work around our client’s schedule. Contact us today to ask about our availability.

What areas do you offer auto detailing service in Dallas-Fort Worth?

We serve Fort Worth, Aledo, Hudson Oaks, Willow Park, Weatherford, Benbrook, Primrose, Crowley, Burleson, Kennedale, Keller, Southlake, Saginaw, Eagle Mountain, Azle, and more. Service to clients outside of these areas will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for more information to see if we service your area.

Do I have to be present for my car detail?

Our clients do not have to be present for the entire detail. We encourage our clients to be present at the beginning of service to be included in the initial inspection with our technician. And we encourage our clients to be present at the end of service so they can see the results for themselves and make sure the work is to their satisfaction. Contact us today and we will do our best to accommodate your particular needs.

Do you need water and electric for mobile auto detailing?

Yes, we will require access to water and to power in order to complete service.

What does it mean to mechanically decontaminate paint?

If you have ever run the back of your finger on your vehicle’s paint, it probably has felt very rough. Even if you run it through a car wash or hand wash it yourself, more than likely the paint will still feel rough. Why? Because as you drive, contaniments called industrial fallout get all over the vehicle. Industrial fallout is an umbrella term for things like brake dust, rail dust, stubborn dirt, etc. That is where the technique of using a clay bar to mechanically decontaminate your vehicle comes in. It is a resin mixture that has a sticky feel to it. You spray liberally with a clay lubricant and take the clay bar and gently glide it across the paint. This process will remove the embedded contaminants in your paintwork, leaving it feeling much smoother and ready to be further corrected or have a paint sealant applied to it. This step requires great care because of the abrasive nature of clay bars; an inexperienced user may scratch your vehicle’s paintwork. At Fort Worth Auto Detail, we have the experience and expertise to execute this step flawlessly to get your vehicle looking better than ever.

What does it mean to chemically decontaminate paint?

Over time, brake dust will become embedded in your vehicle’s clear coat of paint. Like previously mentioned, claying the vehicle will remove some of these particles, although typically not all of them. If these particles are not removed in a timely manner, due to their ferrous nature they can literally eat through your clear coat. Fortunately, there is a chemical that can be sprayed liberally on the paint surface, which turns a purple color when the product reacts and breaks down the iron particles. Due to the potency of the iron remover, using it requires care and knowledge as the product must remain on the vehicle long enough to remove the embedded containments but not long enough to cause any harm to the paintwork. These conditions can vary depending on weather, color of vehicle paint, how contaminated a vehicle is, and more. Again, at Fort Worth Auto Detail we have the knowledge and experience to know what to look for to get your vehicle looking pristine.

What is an IPA mix?

IPA stands for isopropyl alcohol. An IPA product is typically 50% alcohol and 50% of other chemicals that will prep the clearcoat to receive some type of protection. In order to get paint as clean as possible it requires the use of many different chemicals. The IPA mix is going to remove any leftover chemicals that may be remaining as a result of the detailing process. This will ensure that paint will be completely clean or what is called in the industry as a virgin clearcoat. Having a virgin clearcoat ensures the best bond possible of whatever protection we will be applying to your vehicle. Some local auto detailers may skip this step, but at Fort Worth Auto Detail we believe in getting the job done right and not cutting any corners.

What is ceramic spray wax, and how long does it last?

A ceramic spray wax is a ceramic oxide based synthetic wax in spray form. This is a great form of protection and has many benefits for your vehicle. First, it is extremely hydrophobic, meaning water will bead and sheet off your vehicle. This property makes your vehicle easier to maintain as well as reduces the possibility of water spotting on your paintwork. Another benefit of a ceramic spray wax is its UV protection. Over time, the sun can damage your paintwork, but having some form of protection on your vehicle will dramatically reduce such damage. Finally, and most importantly for some, a ceramic spray wax is going to boost the gloss and slickness of your vehicle. Typically, ceramic spray waxes will last anywhere from 6 to 12 months depending on product, proper application, maintenance of the vehicle, weather conditions, etc. At Fort Worth Auto Detail, we use only the best products and expect our ceramic spray wax to last a year as long as it is properly maintained.

Do you require a deposit before detailing services?

Yes, we require a 20% non-refundable deposit in order to secure your appointment date and time. Once your appointment is approved, you will be sent a deposit invoice via email. The day of the detail you will be sent an invoice for the remaining 80% of payment.

Do you offer services such as engine detailing. headlight restoration, and odor removal?

Yes we do offer these services and more. You can check out more information about these services as well as see other additonal services that we offer here:

What is a graphene ceramic coating and how long does it last?

A graphene ceramic coating is the latest in car detailing technology. It is the absolute best form of chemical protection you can put on your vehicle. Most coatings typically last between 3 to 5 years. We at Fort Worth Auto Detail only use the best products and our coating will last on your vehicle between 5 to 7 years. You can learn much more about this incredible technology here:

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