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If you are in the Fort Worth area looking for auto detailing for your car, truck, or SUV, definitely reach out by booking an appointment or giving us a call.

We often detail Sedans, SUVs, Minivans, Trucks, Sports Cars, Convertibles, Exotics, and more. We are ready to help give your car the showroom shine you want. Contact us now!


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Our Services

Free Ceramic Coating Maintenance

Have your vehicle ceramic coated with us, and receive free maintenance details for the lifetime of your coating. We will make sure your coating is always at peak performance.

Paint Correction & Ceramic Coatings

If you want a true new shine and repair for your vehicle, we recommend our paint corrections and professional ceramic coatings. They remove deep car scratches and imperfections in the paint and provide anywhere from 3 to 10 years of protection.

Full Car

Maybe you want it all? A clean car interior and exterior. That's a great way to maintain the great value of your car. Learn more about our full car detailing.

Car Detailing

Interior Car Detailing You want to enjoy driving your car. Let us make sure your car interior stays in top shape with our interior car detailing and car cleaning packages.

Car Detailing

It's easy to visit a car wash, but it can cause so much damage to your car. Our car detailing service will clean without damaging your vehicle!

Additional Detailing Services

Looking for that extra something to complete your car detail? We offer headlight restoration, engine detailing, odor removal and more.

Fort Worth Auto Detailing


My name is Austin Pruett, founder of Fort Worth Auto Detail. I used to be like anyone else, taking my vehicle to the car wash regularly. That was until I purchased a very new vehicle – the newest vehicle I had ever owned – and wanted to make sure I protected one of the biggest purchases of my life.

When I discovered the world of auto detailing Fort Worth and understood how much more valuable it is than your everyday car wash, I began taking care of my own car, my family’s cars, and my friends’ cars and realized I could really provide value for people. So, Fort Worth Auto Detail was founded.

We are the premier destination for all of your paint correction and ceramic coating needs in Fort Worth. We finish each appointment on schedule with the highest level of quality.

We focus on personalized auto detailing services, competitive rates, and customer satisfaction and we’re always striving to meet and exceed expectations.

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Fort Worth Auto Detail

Our Recent Ceramic Coating Work

Check out some of our favorite ceramic coating Fort Worth jobs!

Be sure to follow us on social media for more pictures and see our videos on some of our favorite paint corrections and ceramic coatings. Then book an appointment with us to get your car detailed!

To learn more about what we provide, have a look at our other services, which include vehicle maintenance plans, exterior auto detailing, interior auto detailing, and additional services.

What Our Customers Say

Fantastic customer service. I was able to communicate by text what I needed. I had to change my service time/date last minute due to me not having water available(originally told them I have water available at my home for them to use on …

I booked the light correction/3 year coating package for my vehicle. Austin and his team were professionals about the whole thing. It was an easy process and I was very satisfied with the results. I love the way the paint turned out and I’m glad I got the ceramic coating done now vs later.
Austin and team took care of me and both my cars with extreme detail. I got a full pain correction and 10 year ceramic coat on my Cadillac and a polish and 5 year ceramic coat on my Accord and couldn’t be happier. …

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about car detailing. Here are a few of our most common questions.

An interior and exterior auto detailing can cost anywhere from $399 to over $3,499 depending on the package you choose. Learn more about auto detailing costs.

Full car detailing includes just about everything you can think of, but we provide a comprehensive list on our Full Auto Detailing Fort Worth TX service page.

Besides making vacations and work trips more enjoyable with a clean vehicle, auto detailing Fort Worth TX can also increase the value of your car vs. car washes, which can actually decrease the value of your vehicle.

Auto detailing can take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 days, depending on the type of auto detailing service package you choose and the state of your vehicle. Learn more about the time it takes to detail a car for each type of detailing service.

The great thing about being shop based is we do not have to worry about weather – and we help accommodate your schedule by offering pick up service.

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