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Fort Worth (Texas)


Are you looking for an interior car cleaning that will leave your car looking like new? Interior car detailing can include anything from vacuuming and wiping down surfaces to shampooing, conditioning and protecting all surfaces within your vehicle, leaving you with a showroom shine every time.


Below is our interior car detailing package, as well as some add-on services you can include with your plan. 


Estimated completion time: 2 hours

Starting at $199*

What's included in the Interior Auto Detailing package:​

  • Interior of car vacuumed 

  • Steam clean all interior surfaces

  • Shampoo all upholstery

  • Extract all upholstery (if necessary)

  • Clean and condition all leather surfaces (if applicable)

  • Interior trim protected

  • All windows cleaned 


dusting car air vents

This car interior cleaning is going to raise your vehicle to whole new level. The steam cleaning is great for sanitizing your vehicle. We are able to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses which is a great peace of mind especially in these times. Shampooing your upholstery can rejuvenate it and loosen up stubborn pet hair. This combined with extraction will eliminate any stains. Our high quality products will clean and protect your leather and trim from fading and cracking from UV damage. Lastly, your windows will be cleaned to a streak free shine. 


Once your vehicle is cleaned, wouldn't you like it to stay that way?

Then be sure to add on these incredible value services for some long term protection.


Leather Coating

Price: $99

Benefits of a leather coating:

  • Resists dye transfer

  • Stain resistant

  • Chemical resistant

  • Protection from UV damage

  • Hydrophobic

  • Preserves color

  • Resists fading and cracking 

  • Up to 2 years of protection 

Did you know that practically all modern automotive vehicle leather has a clear coat on it just like the exterior of your vehicle? This is designed to help protect your leather. The problem is typical leather clear coat measures anywhere from 5 to 20 microns (one millionth of a meter). For reference a single strand of human hair measures about 70 microns. That is where a high quality dedicated leather coating comes in. It is specifically formulated to bond to your leather clear coat and provide a sacrificial barrier. This is going to preserve your leather for years to come. 

Fabric Coating

Price: $49

Benefits of a fabric coating:

  • Prevents stains

  • Prevents soaking, swelling, or rotting of fabric

  • Does not alter color or feel of fabric

  • Hydrophobic

  • Fluorocarbon free

  • Up to 2 years of protection

Whether you have kids, worry about coffee stains in the car, or just want the peace of mind for whatever comes your way a fabric coating can repel those pesky spills. This coating will not change the look of your upholstery. What it will do is make clean up a breeze and remove future headaches for you. Liquid will bead up on the surface instead of sinking into the fabric. All you have to do it just mop up with a microfiber towel and get on with your day. 



Pet Hair




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