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Why is car detailing right for your vehicle?

  • Protection from UV damage inside and out

  • Removes embedded containments that can damage the exterior of your vehicle

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria in the vehicle

  • Keeps your vehicle in like new condition

Why is car detailing right for you?

Time Savings

You have too many things to worry about and washing your car is just another item that keeps getting pushed down the to-do list. Let a professional take care of the things that you do not want to do and do not have the time to do.

Superior than a car wash

You deserve better than driving through a 3 minute car wash only to have your vehicle still with dirt and bugs on it. We have the knowledge, products, and tools to deliver the fresh clean vehicle you desire. 

Resale Value

Not only do our professional details help maintain your vehicle's like-new condition, they also get uploaded to your vehicle's CarFax report. That way when you go to move on from your vehicle, you know you will be getting top dollar from your investment.

Why Fort Worth Auto Detail?

#1 - IDA Certified

We are one of two International Detailing Association (IDA) certified detailers in Fort Worth, Texas. And we are one of the few auto detailers in Fort Worth that offer professional grade ceramic coatings. These coatings are guaranteed and get uploaded to your vehicle’s CarFax. 

#2 - Best Auto Detailer in Fort Worth, Texas

We have been named one of the best auto detailing experts in Fort Worth by 

#3 - Trained Experts with over 50 five star reviews 

We have taken the time to invest in proper training and education so you can rest assured that you get a trained expert detailing your vehicle who knows what they are doing and can deliver incredible results. We are also fully insured should any accidents occur. 

#4 - Support Local Businesses & Organizations

By choosing Fort Worth Auto Detail, not only do you support a local business but 10% of all of our sales go directly to the Fort Worth Pregnancy Center to help empower women with information and support for their pregnancy.


What our clients are saying


Nick Maddox

This company did a phenomenal job. I was a professional detailer for 7 years before retiring, having handled many cases like the Elantra they detailed for us. They did an exceptional job, were on time and professional and handled every stain and interior mess without issue. Will be using them on my BMW X5 and Porsche Boxster. After detailing the elantra it was traded for top dollar!


Stephanie King

This place is AMAZING!! Austin Pruett And his colleague were timely, professional and detail oriented! Not only did they explain what they planned to do, they allowed the time afterwards to have me look over the interior and also provide details to what they did. My puppy had an accident in my SUV, and this team came out the very next day (right away in the morning) to execute a full interior clean with an added odor eliminator option, and they were in and out within 2.5 hours! I also loved that they came to the house, which eliminated potential scheduling and ride issues for me. Thank you guys and I’ll be referring Fort Worth Auto Detail to everyone, and obviously be utilizing your services in the future!


Maggie Bubb

My car was a complete mess due to years of neglect. Dog hair, stains, and odor, but after FW Auto Detail worked on it, they had it looking brand new! The stains that I thought were permanent were completely gone, the smell gone, and every corner was scrubbed clean. Thank you for your extreme attention to detail and hard work! My car is looking brand new!

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Get My 10% Off Coupon! 

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