Austin Pruett Owner/Founder

My name is Austin Pruett, owner and founder of Fort Worth Auto Detail in Fort Worth, Texas. Below is the story of how Fort Worth Auto Detail came to be and some of my background in auto detailing. 

Moving to Fort Worth, Texas ​

In 2015, I married my high school sweetheart and moved halfway across the country - from Atlanta to Fort Worth, Texas, to attend seminary. We were young, broke and didn’t know anyone in Texas, yet we were incredibly excited about the new opportunities ahead.


Losing Work in 2020

Four years later, I graduated with 3 masters degrees and was excited to start my career. Enter 2020. I had verbal offers for teaching jobs, but they all failed to materialize. Because of the pandemic, I was unable to find a position and I was unfortunately laid off by the marketing company I worked for at the time.


2020 was a tough year for everyone, no doubt, including our family, but there was a lot of good that came from it, too. In May of 2020, my wife and I welcomed the birth of our first child - a baby girl named Sofia. Isn’t she precious?

 I knew I had to provide for my family, but I did not know where to turn.

Founding of Fort Worth Auto Detail

Growing up, I drove beater cars. They were great and got me from point A to point B, but after many hot Texas summers with no AC, my wife and I decided it was time to upgrade. We purchased a 2018 Mazda CX-5 GT with working doors, AC, and heated leather seats. I was ecstatic. 


Then I realized, “This is one of the biggest purchases of my life. I have to protect it and take care of it, but how do I do that?” That’s when I discovered the wonderful world of car detailing.


When I first heard of auto detailing, I thought it was a rather pretentious name for a car wash. I soon realized there is a lot of skill and technique involved in properly caring for a vehicle. I becamed obsessed - reading every article, watching every YouTube video, any piece of information I could get my hands on.


From there, I began taking care of my own car, then my wife’s car, then friends’ vehicles, then family’s, and on and on the list went. I saw more and more that I could really provide value for people. I fell in love with auto detailing. That’s when Fort Worth Auto Detail began. 


Before using our auto detailing service, most clients don’t understand the work that goes into detailing, but they are fully convinced of its value after seeing their vehicle shine and the dedication and labor that goes into their car detail. 

I'm grateful to have been able to turn this hobby into a business. 

Jordan Profile Image.jpg

Jordan James - Shop Manager

Jordan is originally from the Fort Worth area. He holds an IT and computer science certificate from Pinellas Technical College in Clearwater, Florida. In the future, he hopes to further his education in IT by obtaining a four-year degree. He is hard at work trying to save as much money as possible so he does not have to go into debt to further his education.


Jordan has years of detailing experience from Carvana where he worked his way up from simply vacuuming a vehicle to being in charge of final inspections. After 45 applicants, 8 in-person interviews, and 2 in-person trainings for our team, we are proud that Jordan is a part of our Fort Worth Auto Detail family.

Ronald Alexander - Detail Technician 

Ron is from Florida but has lived in the Fort Worth area for the past nine years. He recently graduated from Brewer High School despite the many challenges of online learning due to covid. He hopes to go on to trade school learning valuable skills such an electrician or HVAC tech. He comes from a military family and has an excellent eye for detail. He stood out among over 50 applicants for the position and has been an excellent addition to our team. 



So Why Choose Fort Worth Auto Detail?


#1 - IDA Certified


We are one of two International Detailing Association (IDA) certified detailers in Fort Worth, Texas. And we are one of the few auto detailers in Fort Worth that offer professional grade ceramic coatings. These coatings are guaranteed and get uploaded to your vehicle’s CarFax. 


#2 - Best Auto Detailer in Fort Worth, Texas


We were recently named one of the best auto detailing experts in Fort Worth by expertise.com


#3 - Trained Experts


We have taken the time to invest in proper training and education so you can rest assured that you get a trained expert detailing your vehicle who knows what they are doing and can deliver incredible results. We are also fully insured should any accidents occur. 


#4 - Timely, Professional Mobile Detailing


You are going to receive professional, courteous, and on-time service from the convenience of your own home.


#5 - Support Local Businesses & Organizations


By choosing Fort Worth Auto Detail, not only do you support a local business but 10% of all of our sales go directly to the Fort Worth Pregnancy Center to help empower women with information and support for their pregnancy.