21 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Enthusiasts in Texas

Shopping for Christmas gifts can be stressful, but don’t you just love finding the perfect gift?

You give your friend or family their gift and their eyes light up. They’re amazed at the thought you put into it. It’s thoughtful, fun, and practical – something they will get a lot of use out of. That’s the goal, right?

However, coming up with the perfect idea is what causes all of the stress around the holidays so that by the end of it all (two days before Christmas to be precise), many of us can be found at the store buying last-minute gift cards to dole out.

Been there.

We want to help your Christmas shopping this year be a little less stressful and give you some helpful ideas. These Christmas gift ideas would be great for men or women in your life. And while these Christmas gift ideas are great for anyone – not just car enthusiasts – you may find these to be the best Christmas gift ideas for car enthusiasts.

21 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Men & Women Who Love Their Cars

In this list, you’ll find many car gift ideas to choose from. As we are local to Fort Worth, Texas, we decided to highlight some local auto shops and stores where you can purchase Christmas gifts this holiday. You’ll also find several online sites where you can buy Christmas gifts, too.

So let’s get started…

  1. Car Speakers

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Whether you’re listening to the radio, a Spotify playlist, or your favorite podcast, having great car speakers can make all the difference in your listening experience. Check out Super Bass Car Audio in Fort Worth, Texas, for your car speaker gift this holiday.


  1. Clean Garage

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A great gift for any car enthusiast is a clean garage to store his or her car in. Whether you’re up to the challenge yourself or would prefer to hire out the work, this is a great Christmas gift idea for those who love their cars. Time to start organizing!

If you’re local to Dallas-Fort Worth, be sure to check out Damn Good Garage for help cleaning and organizing your space.

  1. Fort Worth Auto Detail

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Speaking of cleaning. What car enthusiast wouldn’t enjoy a clean vehicle? Give the gift of an auto detail this Christmas. At Fort Worth Auto Detail, we offer several auto detailing packages:

Contact us for more information or to book an appointment with us. Another great feature of the auto detail is that we come to you!

  1. Wall Art of Favorite Car

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This may not be the gift for everyone, but many car enthusiasts enjoy great wall art to hang up at home in their home office or garage.

Not only can you purchase ready-made wall art from Amazing Canvas Prints online, but you can customize the prints, as well. Do you have a picture of their car that you think would make a great picture for their wall? Choose the custom canvas print option and upload your image according to the sizing requirements shown on their website.

  1. Floor Mats

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While this may not sound super exciting, I spent one Christmas going to different dealerships with my dad picking out new floor mats for his truck. He was so excited about it.

So if you have someone in your life who travels a lot, goes on camping trips, hikes, or goes on fishing trips, new floor mats may be just what they need and want for Christmas!

What’s great for these individuals, too, is instead of getting them the same type of floor mats they have now, you can opt for rubber floor mats that are easy to clean and aren’t damaged by water. It’ll be a nice little upgrade to their vehicle if they don’t have rubber mats already.

You can buy them online from WeatherTech by entering the Make, Year and Model of your vehicle or shop locally in Dallas-Fort Worth this Christmas at DFW Truck & Auto Accessories to see if they have what you need in-stock.

  1. Smartphone Mount

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Not only will you be picking out something fun and practical by getting a smartphone mount as a gift, but you’ll also be aiding in your friend or family’s safety.

Instead of messing with their phone while they’re driving, they will have a safe place to store it so they can still use Google Maps for directions or answer calls, but it won’t be in their hand distracting them from the road.

Today, there are several different options for smartphone mounts for your car. These include:

  • Common Smartphone Mounts

You can find your most common smartphone mounts (like those for your dashboard, windshield, or car’s air vent) in many places. You’ll see them at local retail stores like Walmart, Best Buy, or Target, online at Amazon, or at local auto shops like NAPA Auto Parts in West Fort Worth (they have several great smartphone mounts that stick to your windshield or dashboard) or Advance Auto Parts in South Fort Worth near Hulen mall or Advance Auto Parts in Northwest Fort Worth near the Fort Worth Stockyards.

The test will be finding the best smartphone mount for your vehicle. Be sure to read reviews or talk to the sales team about which car mounts they find work the best.

  • The Cup Holder Smartphone Mount

This is a newer smartphone mount I hadn’t seen before and one that seems promising. While it will take up one of your cup holder spaces, which is a drawback, you can trust it won’t unstick or fall while you’re driving.

We’re not sure if you can find phone holders for your car cup holder locally – speak with one of the local auto shops linked above – but, if not, you can order off Amazon.


  1. Car Cleaning Kit

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As you get older, it seems practical gifts like this become pretty exciting. You don’t want to spend money on necessities like cleaning supplies, but when someone buys them for you, that’s just a pretty special treat and has saved you a trip!

Here are our top picks to put together the perfect Car Cleaning Kit. Put all of them together and you’ve got a neat little gift basket to give for Christmas. You can find the best detailing and car cleaning products at your local Autozone.

Our Review & Tips: This is great value, smells great, is a PH neutral car soap and can be used in a foam cannon and contact wash. If you shop for another car wash product, avoid anything that says wash and wax. They don’t last and will conflict with any protection you put on your vehicle.

Our Review & Tips: Hands down, this is one of the best value protection you can get. At Fort Worth Auto Detail, we use this on our bronze exterior package. It lasts 6 – 12 months, sometimes even 18 months with proper care. When using, do not overapply as it can be very streaky if you over apply; one or two sprays per panel goes a long way. If you do get streaks, introduce some distilled water, wipe with a microfiber towel, and dry with a separate clean microfiber towel.

Our Review & Tips: Many wheel and tire cleaners are acidic, which, while yes they deliver great cleaning performance because of their acidity, if left to dry or if you have aftermarket rims, they can potentially cause damage. This is a very straight forward and safe wheel and tire cleaner. Spray down the tire, spray on the chemical, work the chemical into the wheel and tire, and rinse off.


Our Review & Tips: This is a staple in the auto detail industry. It helps prevent cracking and fading from UV damage, can be sprayed on and wiped off, is used on all interior surfaces other than glass, and should be applied once a month to interior surfaces.

Our Review & Tips: This is our favorite product, hands down, that you should add to your car cleaning gift kit. This product can be used everywhere. PERL stands for plastic engine rubber leather, so you can use it on your tires, engine, exterior trim, interior trim, leather or rubber floor mats, etc. Dilute this, as necessary. We recommend 1:1 on exterior and 1:5 dilution on interior with distilled water. This is going to give a nice black finish and protect and condition all your surfaces.

Our Review & Tips: The drill brush is an absolute lifesaver for stains. It’s super cheap and can pair with your hand drill and carpet cleaner.

Our Review & Tips: This carpet bomber can be diluted so it’s a great value. Thoroughly spray this on the stain, let it sock for about a minute, agitate with the drill brush, wipe with a towel and enjoy no more stains!

  1. Dash Cam

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Dash Cams are great for a number of reasons: 1) They can help you challenge a traffic ticket (should you ever get one), 2) In some countries, you can use your dash cam to prevent increases in your car insurance, 3) It adds a layer of security to your car so you can see if someone bumps into your car or tries to break in, 4) Offers you warning when you or other motorists are at risk of a collision on the highway, and more.

You’ll find several different models and options on Amazon. Here’s a good dash cam we found for you. If you need tips and tricks on how to install your dash cam, check out this helpful article.

  1. Car Charger

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While you can find your run-of-the-mill car chargers in store, check out this list by Too Many Adapters where they list the Best Car Chargers of 2021 to get a car charger that may be a little out of the ordinary but will meet the whole family’s needs when it comes to charging up their phones, like the 6 Port Car Adapter.

  1. Tile Mate

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Do you have anyone in your life who seems to be late for everything because they’re always losing their keys? You may get a laugh or a cold stare with this gift, but you can trust your friend or spouse won’t be late anymore.

The Tile Mate attaches to your keys and connects to your phone so you can always locate your keys when you need them.

  1. Mechanic’s Tool Kit

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Keeping up with regular car maintenance is important to the health of your car. As car enthusiast’s love to care for their cars, giving them their own Mechanic’s Tool Kit is a great idea. Here are some recommendations from Infinity Auto on what you should have in your car tool kit.

Another addition we’d recommend for your car’s toolkit is including a coupon for City Garage Auto Repair in Arlington, Texas, that could include a certificate for:

  • Synthetic Oil Change
  • Alignment Check
  • Tile Rotation
  • Tune-Up
  • Or more
  • Check their site regularly for coupon deals or call to ask about buying a gift card or gift certificate as a holiday present.

Looking for products to buy in-store? Check out S&S Auto Supply in Fort Worth. They have lots of essential auto supply products that would be great to add to your mechanic’s tool kit.

  1. Cordless Tire Inflator

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This is a great gift idea and one that every car owner should have in their vehicle. Use this to inflate car tires, truck tires, bike tires, or inflatables.

You can purchase a Cordless Tire Inflator online or at your local O’Reilly Auto Parts store.

  1. Handheld, Cordless Vacuum

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Let’s be honest… Trying to roll out your vacuum cleaner, deal with a cordless vacuum that’s battery dies after 5 minutes of use, or even trying to use the ShopVac in your garage can be burdensome.

Finding a great handheld, cordless vacuum to either keep in your car or have easy access to will make cleaning your car on a regular basis an easier feat.

Here is our top pick for a Handheld, Cordless Vacuum, which can be purchased online.

  1. Car Trash Can

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While we wouldn’t recommend making this your sole gift to give this Christmas – not a lot of people dream of getting a trash can as their Christmas present – car organizational necessities can be a great gift.

One such gift like that would include a trash can for the car.

Think about it! What is one of the number one ways cars get cluttered and messy? Lots of trash that wasn’t disposed of properly, right?

Putting in a little trash can in the car can give you a central place to dispose of trash in your vehicle until you return home where you can easily dump out the trash from the car garbage can.


  1. Organizing Bins

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Another way to keep a clean car is to make sure your car stays organized. There are a lot of great organizational hacks for your car you can find online and will be able to purchase products online. Here are a few organization bins that are great for keeping your car organized and would make a great gift for your friends and family who love to be organized.

Also, if you’re gifting one of these items to someone with kids or dogs, consider pairing an organizer with good travel toys or books or dog bowls/leashes.

  1. Custom Car T-Shirt

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Whether you think of a funny car quote or want to get a t-shirt printed with a custom picture of your friend’s car, reach out to Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More in Fort Worth, Texas, to get something custom made!

  1. Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

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Another option for a car mount for your car is one that works as a dual phone charger, as well. There are lots of options to choose from online, but here’s one we found with great reviews.

  1. Flashlight

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Flashlights make great stocking stuffer gifts and are great items to have in your car. But you don’t have to just buy a flashlight. There are some great dual-purpose flashlights that are great for the car, like this one we found on Amazon.

The Multi-Function LED Work Light, Essential 5-in1 Car Escape Tool, Life Saving Survival Kit. It’s a work light, escape tool, seatbelt cutter, hammer breaker, flash beacon, etc. Definitely worth it to buy and gift to someone you love.


  1. Steering Wheel Cover

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A great way to protect your steering wheel is to find a steering wheel cover. What’s great about this – especially as a gift – is that there are a lot of options for steering wheel covers that can be personalized to the car owner.

  1. Sunglasses

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Sunglasses are a great product to shop locally since you can find them most places you go. If you’re in Fort Worth, be sure to check out Select Shades.

  1. Air Fresheners for Car

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Everyone enjoys getting great-smelling candles at Christmas to make their house smell good. Throw a twist on that this year with some air fresheners for the car.

You can find air fresheners at local shops and boutiques near you or more familiar retailers like Bath & Body Works, which have some great options that go beyond your run-of-the-mill car air fresheners.


Did you love our list? We’d love it if you could share it with your friends to help them with their shopping this Christmas, and be sure to try out Fort Worth Auto Detail for your car detailing needs.

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