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Why You Should Never Take Your Car to the Car Wash

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

After I finished an auto detail the other day for one of my clients, he mentioned to me that he would be maintaining it with regular automatic car washes.

To an auto detailer, automatic car washes are essentially the most vulgar language one can use. And there are many reasons why that is. Let me address 4 reasons why you should never take your car to the car wash.

4 Reasons Why You Should Never Take Your Car to the Car Wash

1. Car Washes Scratch Your Vehicle & Cost You Thousands of Dollars in Value

car wash

The micro-scratches caused by car washes are costing you either thousands of dollars in value or in repairs on your vehicle.

Most automatic car washes use giant rotating microfiber machines in order to scrub your car. Microfiber is an excellent material for removing dirt. The problem is: “How many cars have gone through that same car wash before you bring your car through?”

Even if the car wash company cleans them occasionally throughout the day, which is a generous assumption, it still only takes one dirty car to get dirt on the machines that then rub dirt onto the next car’s paint.

Some people think. “What’s the big deal? It’s just dirt?”

But dirt is really just a structural collection of smashed rocks. [1]

No one who values their car, even a little bit, is going to take a rock and scrub it across the surface of their vehicle. Yet that is exactly what is happening, just on a much smaller scale when you are going through an automatic car wash with dirty microfibers.