Why Should You Have Your Car Detailed?

Outward Appearance

The first and most obvious reason to detail a car is to improve the outward appearance. We have all seen the cars with windows so dirty that the words ‘wash me’ can be scribbled in the dirt. Your car doesn’t have to even be ‘that bad’ though to benefit from a professional detail. A good detail can take a car from any level of dirty and turn it into a car you want to drive around and show off. You do not have to be a clean freak to appreciate a clean car. If your car is clean, it is one less thing off your to do list, one less thing for you to worry about. So, you will feel great and your vehicle will look great. You can check out some of our recent work here to see some of before and after shots.

Return on Investment

There is more than just outward beauty, right? Your car is an investment, and you need to protect it as such. Let’s talk dollars. Cars are expensive, and car prices are only going up. Take a look at this chart from CarGurus[1]. Look at the past decade of car prices; Toyota is up 22.1%, Chevy is up 30.5%, and Ford is up 36.5%. Combine that with the fact that there are an estimated 273.6 million vehicles in America[2]. What does that tell us? Well, it means cars are expensive and we all have them. Our vehicles are typically the second biggest purchase we will ever make beside a house. If you are going to spend that much on an item that you will be using almost every day, then why not protect it? People are holding onto their cars longer than ever before as well. The average car loan in 2020 is 70.6 months.[3] You cannot have your vehicle for almost 6 years and not clean and protect it. You think, well I will just take it to the drive through car wash to keep it clean. That is a terrible idea. Learn why here. One day you are going to want to sell your car. If you have properly maintained your vehicle, you are going to get top dollar for it and selling it should be a breeze. Learn how much you can increase your car’s value from detailing here. Spoiler alert, it’s significant. Most cars depreciate in value, so we want to offset that depreciation and get the most back from our investment with vehicle that has been well-maintained.

Preserve Your Vehicle’s Quality

What does it mean to have a well-maintained vehicle? Well, in the detail world it would mean having some form of paint protection, whether that be our graphene spray wax, light ceramic coating, or graphene ceramic coating. Having some form of paint protection is going to give your vehicle many benefits. First, it is extremely hydrophobic, meaning water will bead and sheet off your vehicle. This property makes your vehicle easier to maintain as well as reduces the possibility of water spotting on your paintwork. Another benefit of having paint protection is guarding against the damaging effects of UV rays. Over time, the sun can damage your paintwork, but having some form of protection on your vehicle will dramatically reduce such damage. The same concept is going to apply to the interior of your vehicle. In order to prevent stains, you can put a waterproof fabric protectant on your upholstery. In order to prevent your leather seats from cracking and from dye transfer, you can put a leather coating on them. In order to prevent your door panels and dash from cracking due to UV damage, you can put a light chemical dressing on them. At Fort Worth Auto Detail, we can do all of that and more to make sure your vehicle has the proper care.

Health Benefits

Appearance is great, money is better, but what about perhaps the most important thing of all, especially in 2020: health. We are in our cars a lot. With all that time getting in and out of our vehicles whether that’s hauling kids, grabbing a bite to eat, or taking around the golf clubs, there is a lot of opportunity for bacteria to grow. According to one study, “There are roughly 700 different strains of bacteria living in the average vehicle.” This study then went on to look at how dirty a steering wheel is by taking measurements of the average amount of bacteria per square centimeter. The results? The average steering wheel has 4x more bacteria than the average public toilet seat. I do not know about you, but I want to avoid grabbing a public toilet seat at all costs. Yet when it comes to our steering wheel, we do not think twice about how dirty it is. The good news is, we have a steamer and enough chemicals that we can virtually eliminate these bacteria. Most bacteria are killed at 167F, and our steamer outputs steam at around 200F. So, it is strong enough to kill the bacteria that is lurking in your vehicle but not so hot that it is going to harm your vehicle in any way.


So if you want your car to look amazing, have a great return on investment, preserve your vehicle’s quality, and eliminate bacteria in your vehicle you need to book with Fort Worth Auto Detail today!



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