The Importance of Protecting Your Car’s Paint Job While You Ship It

Shipping a car that you own will allow you to move your car a long distance without having to drive it the whole way yourself. Shipping your car also prevents you from putting unnecessary chunks of mileage on it. However, one of the potential downsides that you might not be aware of if it is your first time having a vehicle transported is that rocks and pebbles can still chip and scratch your paint, even on an auto carrier. Thankfully, you have a few reliable options for protecting your paint and your car when it ships.

Why you need to have your car’s exterior clean before you ship it

When your car transport driver arrives to pick up your vehicle, the process of loading your vehicle onto the carrier will not be able to begin until the driver thoroughly checks the outside of your car for damage. The reason that they must do this is because it is required by the insurance that covers the car shipping company for liability in case a car is damaged while it ships. If the driver did not conduct a close and detailed inspection for preexisting dents, chips, missing parts and scratches, the owner of the vehicle could file a claim with the car shipping insurance that those things occurred during the shipment and insurance would need to pay out that claim.

You might be wondering why a bit of dirt on your car could affect the auto transport driver’s ability to check the vehicle for damage. Well, imagine having to closely check a glass dinner plate for small scratches and chips. Now imagine that plate is covered in food residue. It would be much more difficult and take much more time to complete inspecting the plate if it were not clean. The same goes for your car when you choose to ship it. Your driver will eventually finish their inspection, but it will take much longer and, as a result, your vehicle shipment will not begin as quickly as it could have.

Not having the exterior of your car clean could delay the start of the shipment by an hour or more! Getting your car washed or detailed a day or two before your pickup date is a great way to ensure that this does not happen. You can easily make sure the outside of your car is spotless with an exterior detail at our Fort Worth shop and we can even pick the car up for you!

Safeguarding your paint with a ceramic coating during auto transport

When you choose to ship your car on an open car carrier, this leaves your car exposed to outside elements like rain and ultraviolet rays from the sun. It also leaves the potential for rocks to fly up off the pavement when they are driven over by a nearby car and then strike your car on the carrier. This could lead to a chip or a scratch on your car which is obviously the last thing that you will want.

Fortunately, you can get a ceramic coating for your car which can minimize or completely prevent any damage if this happens. A ceramic coating will seal the vehicle’s paint and make the surface harder to scratch overall. Specifically, a ceramic coating makes your car’s paint more scratch resistant because it makes the surface much slicker and prevents most dirt from sticking to the vehicle. Dirt sticking to your car’s surface increases the chances of a scratch forming because dirt particles are abrasive and dig into your car’s surface, weakening it. A ceramic coating will also protect your car from any negative effects that could possibly result from weather or ultraviolet rays. A ceramic coating is not scratch proof although it does provide some scratch resistance.

Other ways you can protect your car when shipped

There are two other major ways that you can protect your car and its paint while you ship it somewhere. Both involve selecting upgraded shipping methods with your car shipping company when you initially book your shipment. One is called “top-load” where you choose to have your car placed on the upper deck of an open-air car carrier instead of the lower deck. The advantage with this option is that the top deck is about ten feet off of the ground whereas the lower deck is only about two or three feet off of the ground. However, choosing to top-load your vehicle will not protect it from UV rays or inclement weather. Again, this is where a ceramic coating can be vital to your vehicle. Selecting “top-load” for your car shipment will usually cost you an extra $100 or so.

The other upgraded option that you can select when you are shipping your car is enclosed car shipping. Enclosed car shipping is when you ship your car in a special car carrier that has complete walls and a roof which will offer complete protection from all outside elements. Shipping your car in an enclosed car carrier will add an extra $300 to $600 to the cost of your shipment.

Whether shipping or taking delivery of a new car, installing a ceramic coating as quickly as possible is so important to maintain the long term health of the vehicle. If you have any questions about ceramic coatings or getting your vehicle ceramic coated we would love to talk to you.


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