How to Protect Your Car from Hail in Texas

We’re in the middle of storm season in North Texas, which often means hail storms.

Unlike the rain that we welcome this time of year, hail is an unwelcomed companion of some storms that can wreak havoc on our homes and cars.

Senior meteorologist David Finfrock says “hail occurs more frequently in North Texas than in many other parts of the country,” according to The Dallas Morning News. While it’s not 100% clear why Dallas-Fort Worth seems to get so many hail storms, the gist of it is that we seem to have more favorable conditions for hail to form when a thunderstorm passes through.

If you’re concerned about protecting your car from hail in Texas this storm season, here are some tips we think can help.

Park Your Car in a Garage or Covered Carport

This is an obvious tip that doesn’t need much explanation. What we will say is that staying weather aware can help you know if there is a risk of hail in Texas so you know when you need to park your car in the garage or under a covered carport.

But how do you protect your car from hail without a garage? Or what do you do if you don’t have enough space in your garage for all of your cars? Consider the mall or airport parking garages for covered parking.

If you have enough advanced notice that a hail storm is coming, you should be able to get where you need to go in time. Just keep in mind you probably won’t be the only one looking for a space, as these garages can get fairly crowded when a hail storm is on the horizon.

Additionally, if you decide to find a covered parking garage, be safe driving on the roads. Your life is worth more than your car and you don’t want to get caught out on the highway when the hail hits!

Buy a Portable Storm Protector

Kelley Blue Book shares this great tip of purchasing a portable storm protector you can use to cover your car during a storm. Below, we have included a few hail protector options to consider:

Inflatable Car Cover
Inflatable Car Cover | Protect Car from Hail in Texas

Source: Hail Protector Store

An inflatable car cover can be pricier than other options, but this is one of the best ways to protect your car from damaging hail in Texas if you don’t have a garage or covered carport.

Shop Inflatable Car Cover

Hail Protector Cover

Hail Protection Cover | Protect Car from Hail in Texas

Source: Amazon listing

This standard car cover is designed to protect your vehicle from hail. One consideration you might make with this cover though is that it may not cover your entire car, but if you are most concerned about your windshield and hood, this might be a fair option to consider.

Shop Hail Protector Cover

Portable Carport

Portable Carport | Protect Car from Hail in Texas

Source: Wayfair

Another great solution for protecting your car from a Texas hail storm is purchasing a portable carport that you can set up or install at your home.

Wayfair has some affordable options for portable, heavy duty carports that should help protect your vehicle against damaging hail. Just consider the type of material you choose for this. Some of the carport materials might not hold up against more damaging hail, but the hardier materials would have a better chance of fighting off hail.

You’ll also notice that some listings say they are good against all weather while others do not.

Shop Portable Carport

Use What You Have on Hand


Moving Blanket | Protect Car from Hail in Texas

Source: Amazon listing

If you’re really in a pinch, you can use blankets to cover your car for added protection. Prepare for a good soaking if there is a lot of rain accompanying the hail, and try to tie the blankets down if you can so they don’t blow away, but this is a decent option that’s better than nothing as a hail storm approaches.

We recommend using heavier moving blankets as they will have a thicker layer to help protect your car.

Shop Padded Moving Blankets

Pool Inflatables

People will do anything to protect their cars from hail damage. While this is absolutely a last resort, and you’ll want to be careful how you attach these to your car – be careful of tape that will ruin your car’s paint job – there has been some success with car owners using pool inflatables to protect their vehicles, as you can see in this news video shared above where a baseball team went and put these makeshift hail protectors to the test.

Get Off the Road

Driving in a hailstorm can be dangerous, and this goes beyond just protecting your car, but protecting yourself. If you’re ever driving when a hail storm hits, get undercover as soon as you can.

Look for a parking garage or a gas station covering. Do not take shelter under trees or other elements that could fall on your vehicle or stop under overpasses that could block the roadways and lead to accidents.

We hope you find these solutions helpful for protecting your car this storm season! And if you have experienced damage to your car’s paint job because of a hail storm, consider our paint correction and ceramic coating service to restore your car to its like-new condition.

Disclaimer: Our paint correction and ceramic coating services will not correct hail damage that has caused dents to the body of your vehicle. For this, visit an auto hail repair expert in Fort Worth.


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