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The Best Tire Shops in Fort Worth

We did a deep dive into more than 20 different tire shops around Fort Worth and put together this comprehensive list of the best ones.

Crowley Tire and Auto Shop

Crowley Tire and Auto Shop immediately stands out among its competition. Let's start with the review numbers across different platforms. At the time of writing they hold 4.8 stars with 587 reviews on Google, 4.8 stars with 87 reviews on Facebook, and 4.5 stars with 24 reviews on yelp. Why does yelp always have to be so negative? Anyways I digress. Combing through these reviews there is one word that is mentioned more than any other. That word is professional. Which in the automotive industry is not necessarily a given. Sometimes it's possible to get a grease monkey who may be great at fixing cars but if they do not understand customer service and possess the ability to communicate to the customer in layman's terms what needs to be done, it is going to ruin the experience. People talk about how they made them smile, laugh, and feel comfortable. Another common theme among these reviews is the speed at which they get customers in and out. Do not mistake that for cutting corners. They have the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose problems. Perhaps even more telling than the positive reviews is how they handle negative reviews. Each negative review, of the few that there are, has a deeply thorough reply which lays out exactly what happened and what was communicated. Crowley Tire and Auto Shop has been in business since October 1999. They operate out of a 4,000 sq ft shop and have an A+ with the better business bureau. They also offer discounts for all of the following: First responders, Police, Fire, EMS, Active Duty Military, Military Veterans, Teachers, ISD Staff, Public Service, Single Parent, and Chamber of Commerce Members receive a discount. They also can do much more than just tires. They can help with brakes, alignment, suspension, diagnosis, steering, emissions, interval service, manufacturer maintenance, timing belts, battery, starting and charging systems, cooling systems, state inspections, ECM and PCM, heater, air conditioning, anti-lock brake systems, TPMS, tires, auto glass, catalytic converter, wheels, window regulators, and more. So obviously they can do much more for you than just tires. We have no hesitation recommending crowley tire and auto shop.