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Why is a ceramic coating right for your vehicle?

  • Protection from UV damage

  • Hydrophobic 

  • Ultimate gloss

  • 9H hardness

Why is a ceramic coating right for you?

Time Savings

You have too many things to worry about and washing your car is just another item that keeps getting pushed down the to-do list. With a ceramic coating you can wash your dirty vehicle in minutes and restore showroom shine in just a few moments. Wash your car and get on with your life.

Cost effective

Wax is dead! No longer do you have to apply or pay to have a wax put on your vehicle every couple of months. With our professional grade ceramic coatings you can have one application that can last on your vehicle up to a decade guaranteed. 

Resale Value

Not only do our professional grade ceramic coatings help maintain your vehicle's like-new condition, they also get uploaded to your vehicle's CarFax report. That way when you go to move on from your vehicle, you know you will be getting top dollar from your investment.

Why Fort Worth Auto Detail?

#1 - IDA Certified

We are one of two International Detailing Association (IDA) certified detailers in Fort Worth, Texas. And we are one of the few auto detailers in Fort Worth that offer professional grade ceramic coatings. These coatings are guaranteed and get uploaded to your vehicle’s CarFax. 

#2 - Best Auto Detailer in Fort Worth, Texas

We have been named one of the best auto detailing experts in Fort Worth by 

#3 - Trained Experts with over 50 five star reviews 

We have taken the time to invest in proper training and education so you can rest assured that you get a trained expert detailing your vehicle who knows what they are doing and can deliver incredible results. We are also fully insured should any accidents occur. 

#4 - Support Local Businesses & Organizations

By choosing Fort Worth Auto Detail, not only do you support a local business but 10% of all of our sales go directly to the Fort Worth Pregnancy Center to help empower women with information and support for their pregnancy.


What our clients are saying

Screenshot 2022-06-22 141133.png

Ryan Fitzgibbons

I had a 3 year ceramic coat with a light correction handled here. Very professional and attentive business. I was provided photo updates throughout the process and the timeline and pricing on everything was accurate. I’m very pleased with their work and will absolutely use them again in the future for my vehicles.

Screenshot 2022-06-22 141558.png

Michael Robertson

Very educating and professional experience. I learned a lot through conversation with Austin and will be recommending his services to family and friends. My vehicle was polished and ceramic coated - a few things many people can mess up. You can trust Austin’s work on your vehicle.


Vincent Martinez

Great job detailing my car and my truck. Added the ceramic coating to my black truck and the shine is just amazing. My buddy commented on the shine 2 weeks after the coating was applied AND it had a layer of dust, he was amazed.


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